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Spring 2012 Issue of Goblin Fruit is Live + Uncanny Twinnings - Goblin Fruit — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Spring 2012 Issue of Goblin Fruit is Live + Uncanny Twinnings [Apr. 24th, 2012|03:09 pm]
Goblin Fruit


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(x-posted from my blog, apologies if you're seeing it twice)

Oyez! The Spring 2012 issue of Goblin Fruit is live! With poems by Adrienne J. Odasso (ajodasso), J. C. Runolfson (seajules), Ruby Sara, Sheila Hassell Hughes, Kathrin Köhler, Ariel Johnson, Jade Ramsey, Amanda Reck, Alexandra Seidel, Sandi Leibowitz, and Rose Fox (rosefox), as well as art by Paula Friedlander. Behold her handiwork:

This issue also sees us welcoming Caitlyn Paxson, LJ's very own sevenravens and Goblin Fruit's Requester of Dresses, on board as Assistant Editor. Look at her. She just suits us like a sleeve.

Caitlyn's been a huge help already, and it gives me great pleasure to recognize her good work in the slushery all official-like.

In other poemic news, I received my contributor's copy of Mythic Delirium #26 today. This was honestly completely unintentional -- especially the MUG:

What a bright alchemy we work.

I've only quickly flipped through MD#26 so far -- but more of Paula's art (and, okay, something in the title) caught my eye and led me to read art_ungulate's beautiful "Triptych: An Offering of Fruit" right away. It's gorgeous, but I am for the moment going to gloss over its many felicities in favour of noting the truly astonishing: ladies and gentlefolk, Mike "Jaded by Katabasis" Allen has published a second poem featuring Persephone. Surely this, more than anything else, is a sign of the end times being nigh.