January 12th, 2009

Autumn Lady

Winter 2009 Issue of Goblin Fruit is live!

Happy New Year! The new Winter issue of Goblin Fruit is up, with fabulous poetry by sevenravens (Caitlyn Paxson), seajules (J.C. Runolfson), rose_lemberg (Rose Lemberg), Maura MacDonald, Susan Slaviero, mab_led (Clare Walker), dkolodji (Debbie Kolodji), Helen Ogden, Megan Lancour, Holly Cooley, sovay (Sonya Taaffe), Shweta Narayan, Maureen McQuerry, Sheila Hamilton and Joyce Frohn.

I would like to point out a few things:

1) We have a new layout. See it, love it! Thanks to the awesome webspiffery of one justbeast, we have eliminated the evil that was the iFrame-born double scrollbar, allowed you to link directly to individual poems, made it so it looks the same regardless of screen resolution or browser, and on the whole made it feel less claustrophobic. I love it.

2) This is an all-woman issue. We never do these things deliberately. I intend to number-crunch eventually and find out some stats, but my sense is that we get one submission from a man for every five submissions from women. So... Guys? What's up with that? Got something against mythic poetry? Hmm? Submit! *whip-crack*

3) You may notice, if you read the Note from the Editors, that we're hungry for comments and suggestions. Please do send those things our way. We've got a third anniversary issue coming up and lots of nifty awesome plans, but we suspect that feedback will help us keep those plans, if not sensible, then at least manageable.

4) asakiyume has kindly reviewed the issue already, because she's unbelievably fantastic.

5) This issue rocks. What? I'm pointing things out!

If any of you feel inclined to review the issue, or if you come across any reviews yourselves, please, please, please do let mer_moon and me know. Few and far between are the folk who would start a poetry 'zine without hungering for discussion of poetry, and we hunger, my pretties, oh we do.

ALSO. Just by the way. I kind of wish we had a prize to give out for Best. Reading. EVER, because it would go to seajules for her reading of O.D. Creepy Bluebeard murder ballad as told by a backwoods junkie for the absolute WIN. Give it a listen, and then go peruse and frolic at your leisure!
Autumn Lady

Review of the Winter Issue -- yes, already!

cucumberseed has posted a very kind and thorough review of the latest issue of Goblin Fruit.

A sneak peek:

Winter and the sea make strong thematic appearances in this issue, divided up into four sections like a call and response. Many of the poems contained are short and sharp at the end, something I appreciate. Reading this issue, in a way, felt like putting my hand into a winter coat for the first time in the season, finding something sharp and metallic, a fishhook, my hand realizes, just in time for the barb to set and sink in.

In a good way. Let me show you what I mean.
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