April 4th, 2009

Autumn Lady

Discussions and Dissections: National Poetry Month offerings and Joshua Gage on Rhysling Nominees

So there are lots of things going on that I'd like to point you guys towards in your no doubt ongoing quest for delicious poetry:

stillnotbored is posting links to poems that have taken her fancy for every day in April; snakey is doing the same, as are liminalia and vita_ganieda.

shadesong is doing a Month of Myth where she writes a story and/or poem a day.

In addition, if some of you guys are like me and missed the Nine Things About Oracles meme, born of elisem's jewellery and papersky's response to it, I heartily encourage you to peruse the links found herein. Be careful; you may not surface for a while.

In this post, hooks_and_books lists all the Rhysling nominees, indicating his intention to read through as many of them as he can online and comment on the construction and effect of each. In this, this, and this post, he's implementing that intention. It's a huge project, and I think his effort should be applauded and engaged with whether or not you agree with his assessments.

Please post in comments if you know of any I haven't listed, and I'll update as time allows -- or, feel free to post your own links to poems for April as Poetry Month! Let's wash the world with words to welcome the spring.