April 10th, 2009

Autumn Lady

Spring 2009 Issue of Goblin Fruit is live!

It's LIVE. This is our third anniversary issue, featuring fabulous fantastical poetry by Carla Martin-Wood, csecooney (Claire Cooney), Ruby Katigbak, Magaret Bashaar, sovay (Sonya Taaffe), splinister (Maura McHugh), Thomas Zimmerman, Peg Aloi, Neile Graham, Rosalind Casey, wirewalking (Nicole Kornher-Stace), M. Deegear, Susan Slaviero, Kurt Kirchmeier, and Liz Bourke. We've also got a Feature on kythiaranos (Jennifer Crow), which includes an interview and six gorgeous new poems.

In addition to all of the above we have -- wait for it, wait for it -- we haaave -- drumroll please -- we HAVE --- ahemahemahem!

Launched the Mischief.

The Mischief is intended to be a catch-all multimedia playground. Our plans for it will unfold in haphazard fits and starts, but for now please go and enjoy the offerings therein as a side-dish to your regularly scheduled poetic fare!

Also -- I have it on good authority that a certain chronological fish with very sharp teeth is intending to do an INSTA-review of the issue, so watch his space. He's done it! And, er, before I posted! That pre-empting poetry devil of a time_shark does it again, reviewing the Spring 2009 issue here. Enjoy!

And if you want to write any reviews yourselves, or just share your thoughts about certain pieces, let us know what you think of the Mischief -- please do! More stuff will go up in the next few weeks, so keep checking back. There will be another trailer, a Reading List of Sorts, and Moar Stuff.

I leave you with the first trailer, which I can't stop watching, courtesy of sevenravens magical boyfriend. The song is Oliver Hunter's rendition of Terri Windling's "The Night Journey", which Terri graciously allowed us to reprint in our Summer 2008 issue. Please feel free to link and embed it widely, and rate it if you feel moved to!

Go by coombe, by candlelight, and have a beautiful weekend.