June 4th, 2009

Autumn Lady

Goblin Fruit Reading at Readercon -- Who's Coming?

Hello, fellow folklings of the Fruit,

Who among you is coming to Readercon? More specifically, who among you is a Goblin Fruit contributor (past, present, or future!) coming to Readercon? We're putting together a Reading, you see, and this information would be helpful so that we don't go knockin' 'round yo' doors at the hotel in an attempt to scrounge you up at the last minute. Also helpful would be knowing what your preference as to time / day is -- the toothsome Mr. time_shark mentioned in passing that Sunday morning-ish might end up being the time. So if any of you are panelists with obligations, please let me know?

I'd also love to know how many of you would be interested in attending a reading if you yourselves weren't reading, to get a sense of scale / space. Those of you who attended our nifty Wiscon reading last year may recall that there are ... Unusual, shall we say, prizes in the ... Er, offing.

Also -- just to throw this out there -- the keen among you may have noticed that July 9th, which is the launchdate of the Summer Issue, is also the first day of Readercon. Freakouts have been had. We're not entirely decided yet if we're going to attempt to launch early (wow, I can hear mer_moon laughing three time zones away!), congregate a bunch of people around us to witness the Launch (traditionally there is glass-clinking and imbibing of liquids) or hide away in the depths of our hotel room and furiously correct typos until zero hour, at which point we would emerge blinking and raucous into the conful fray. Thoughts and encouragement would be appreciated!
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