July 6th, 2009

Autumn Lady

READERCON: Goblin Fruit launch party + joint reading with Mythic Delirium

(cross-posted from my LJ, apologies if you're seeing it twice!)

Oye, oye! In spite of concerned complaints which have been handily answered and then apologised for with good words well spoken, work on the Summer 2009 issue of Goblin Fruit proceeds apace -- as well as work on Goblin Fruit presence at Readercon. To whit:

- You are cordially invited to witness the launching of the Summer issue and participate in Attendant Festivities on Thursday, July 9th, at 10:00 PM, in our as-yet-undisclosed hotel room. Feel free to wander in from 9:00 on. There will be home-made apple-mead courtesy of wirewalking, Goblin Jam (and possibly poemic cookies) courtesy of catvalente, occasional fairy songs and harp musics by sevenravens and myself, and many urgings to read out poetry -- as well as a heretofore Seekrit Thing that I hope (barring time_shark's unfortunate tendency to overenthusiastic journalism) to announce later today.

- There will be a joint Goblin Fruit / Mythic Delirium reading in the Vermont Room on Friday at 2:00 PM. I really hope to see many of you there! The time-slot isn't ideal --time_shark informs me that the bulk of con-goers arrive Friday afternoon -- but I live in hope of finding a full room of faces I hope to connect to names.

There are possibilities of Fabulous Prizes in Store for attendees (and we do good prizes, baby). Please do holler if you think you can make it to either or both of those!