July 7th, 2009

Autumn Lady

Sooper Seekrit Readercon Project Revealed!

(cross-posted, apologies if you're seeing it twice)

Here it is.

So I lied a little bit. By omission. See, the Launch Party at Readercon isn't only for the Summer 2009 issue. It is also for the following:

To accompany the Summer 2009 issue, we're launching the first in what will become a series of small-run chapbooks put out by Goblin Fruit, called Fresh from the Vine.

Demon Lovers and Other Difficulties presents the enigmatic work of Nicole Kornher-Stace (wirewalking), this issue's Featured poet. It gathers all the poems you'll find in her Feature with illustrations by Oliver Hunter, as well as the addition of a dual-voice poem written with C.S.E. Cooney (csecooney). It will be available for the special price of $5 US at Readercon; prices may increase slightly after that to accommodate shipping and the vagaries of internet-payment. All proceeds from it go directly back into Goblin Fruit, to pay future contributors and finance the next chapbook.

There are only 100 copies available; online purchase will be possible after Readercon, to make sure we know how many we have.

Guys -- it's gorgeous. It's so gorgeous I want to marry it. In spite of the Difficulties.

With great thanks to two Mikes, time_shark and yagathai, for laying out and proofing it respectively, and of course to wirewalking and csecooney for sharing their incredible work with us!