July 23rd, 2009


Shweta Narayan on Prose, Poetry, and Prose Poetry

shweta_narayan, a frequent contributor to Goblin Fruit, has initiated a wonderful discussion of poetry and prose on her journal which is well worth perusing. Taking up hooks_and_books' thoughts on samhenderson's Rhysling-nominated "Hungry: Some Ghost Stories", she considers his distinctions between poetry and prose as consequences, rather than causes, of essential differences in creative endeavours.

It's all very cool -- and as samhenderson said in a comment, I have the odd sensation of someone opening up my skull, taking out a disordered mess of embroidery floss, neatly untangling the knots, sorting it by color, popping it back in my brainpan and deftly screwing the top of my cranium back on again.

Go forth and be trepanned!