October 12th, 2009

Autumn Lady

Fall 2009 Issue of Goblin Fruit is Live!

And what an issue it is.

Clearly we're holing up for the winter with this issue; we offer up to you a well-laden table heaving beneath the weight of no fewer than twenty-six poems! Go forth and feast on work by Jacqueline West, Erik Amundsen (cucumberseed), Sonya Taaffe (sovay), Susannah Mandel, Joanna Gardner, Paul Christian Stevens, Marcie Tentchoff (mtentchoff), Jennifer Lawrence, Marcelle Kasprowicz, Joshua Gage (hooks_and_books), Shweta Narayan (shweta_narayan), Rosalind Casey, Michelle Fee, Virginia Mohlere, Megan Arkenberg, Tori Truslow (amagiclantern), Mari Ness (mariness), Rose Lemberg (rose_lemberg), Elizbeth Lee, Jaime Lee Moyer (stillnotbored), Mike Allen (time_shark), Neile Graham (neile), Daniel Rabuzzi, and J. Mark Hauer.

This issue features the beautiful art of Roseau, whom Oliver Hunter recruited to provide our cover image and header. As you can tell, her work is amazing, and you should definitely check more of it out!

For those of you who like to skip past the Note from the Editors and leap straight into the poetry, please be aware that two very important things are happening with this issue:

1) We are swapping 'zines with Mike Allen for an issue, and reading submissions until November 9.
2) During that time, and until January 9, 2010, Goblin Fruit will be closed to regular submissions.

Hopefully this will mean the end of us exceeding the 5-week mark in responding to your submissions. It will also give us the time to fine-tune all the exciting projects we have for next year!

We do hope you enjoy it, and hunger for your thoughts. Mm, delicious thoughts, to braise in red wine or mull by moonlight...