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Summer 2013 Issue of Goblin Fruit is Live!

Oyez! The Summer 2013 Issue of Goblin Fruit is live!

Featuring art by Betsie Withey and poems by Dan Campbell, CSE Cooney, Rose Lemberg, Cheryl W Ruggiero, Sara Saab, Michelle Yost, Rachael Bundock, and L. C. Ricardo, it is an issue of birds and bones and desert heat, of colourful thread and cutting coins. Handle it with care.

I'm also very grateful to Stu West for providing us with the long longed-for "NEXT" link at the bottom of each poem, such that you can enjoy the genius of my editorial vision in a seamless forward-click sort of way!

I love this issue very much. Do make sure to devastate yourselves by listening to Rose Lemberg perform her poem, and then shiver while CSE Cooney murmurs the seduction of hers like a seashell speaks the sea. I am undone.
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