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New Goblin Fruit: SUMMER IS DEAD

Oyez! A new issue of Goblin Fruit has landed!
Art by Grant Jeffery

It contains poems by Lindsey Walker, Steffi Lang, Shweta Narayan, Lynette Mejía, Sara Norja, Lizzy Huitson, Mari Ness, Andrea Lam, Helen Marshall, CSE Cooney, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, Canese Jarboe, and Neile Graham, as well as art by Grant Jeffery.

Enjoy! And if you like it, do consider supporting us with a Paypal donation or by contributing through Patreon!

There will be one more issue of Goblin Fruit this year, imminently, landing in mid-December. Then, next year, hopefully the climate change that's been wreaking havoc with our poemic seasons will have settled into regularity again. 
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