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Goblin Fruit Closing to Submissions until June 1

Dear readers,

Our first issue of the year is soon to launch, and with it, some news that we will share with you here first:

- As of our next issue (due to arrive in the next week), Goblin Fruit will be paying $10 a poem.
- Instead of re-opening to submissions April 9 as usual, we will remain closed to submissions until June 1.

The struggle against the backlog continues; everything in this post remains relevant to our current situation, the only changes being that after moving across the Atlantic and settling into a very demanding work/grad school schedule, there's been an utter absence of hours in the day which I could devote to more than getting the next issue up.

Caitlyn and I have many exciting things planned for Goblin Fruit this year, but we don't want to move forward with any of them until we can provide fair turnaround on submissions again. We know -- too well, as writers ourselves! -- how frustrating it is to wait for months on a reply, and don't want to put any more poets in the position of having to wait so long.

Thank you all so much for your continuing patience as we set our orchard in order,


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