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Winter Issue Delay + Submissions Freeze for January

Dear readers of and contributors to Goblin Fruit,

It is with some regret that we announce a delay for the Winter 2013 issue. A transatlantic move during the holidays compounded by a mounting backlog of slush has meant that we need a little more time than usual to get the issue ready for publication -- as well as a little more time before new submissions come in. So as of this posting we are going to remain closed to submissions until February 4.

Our goal is to clear our backlog and publish the Winter 2013 issue by February 4, at which point we sincerely hope to get our response times back under control and return to answering your submissions and queries in the timeliest of fashions.

May the New Year bring you all that is tasty and toothsome!
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Fall 2012 Issue of Goblin Fruit is Live!

Oyez, oyez! As of Friday evening, the new issue of Goblin Fruit is up, with astonishing artwork by Elisabeth Heller, and fantastic poems by Mike Allen (time_shark), Sonya Taaffe (sovay), Rose Lemberg (rose_lemberg), Kelly Rose Pflug-Back, Ruth Jenkins, Alex Dally MacFarlane (alankria), Brock Marie Moore, C. W. Johnson, Jennifer Crow (kythiaranos), Virginia Mohlere (snowy_owlet), and Rachel Dacus.

Step forward.

As early as last year we were guided in our editorial choices for this issue by a certain tendency towards apocalypse -- the last issue of a year which has groan-inducingly been touted as the last since, well, whenever the last time was that people longed to be at the End of History in ways more literal than metaphorical. The first poem we took for this issue with that in mind was Mike Allen's "The Vigil," and so we're particularly delighted to find that this poem sparked Elisabeth's imagination such that she oriented her artwork along its lines, setting the issue's overall tone with a glance.

But this is not an issue of violent explosions so much as aftermaths; it is not an issue of bangs so much as whispers, crouchings, look-over-your-shoulder-ings.

We hope it enjoys you you enjoy it.

As a futher delight, csecooney has set her eye and hand to making up a poem out of lines from this issue's pieces. A taste:

I do not feel beautiful
I tasted mysteries at an early age, drank secrets
while father watched like a
moon, from the upstairs window
the Devil likes his blue-eyed boys
I brought him down
In the wreckage of his secrets
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Summer 2012 Issue of Goblin Fruit is Live!

The Summer 2012 issue of Goblin Fruit is live! With poems by Edgar Mason, Catt Kingsgrave, Sonya Taaffe, Ingrid Steblea, Cassie Premo Steele, Melissa Frederick, Adrienne J. Odasso, Foz Meadows, Francesca Forrest, CSE Cooney, Ruby Sara, Amanda Reck, Dominik Parisien, Sofia Samatar, and Mari Ness, as well as art by the magnificent Betsie Withey.


It is no hyperbole to say that I am in love with this issue. asakiyume has aptly demonstrated why that is a perfectly reasonable reaction to have.

A few words about Betsie Withey: those of you who attended Wiscon 34 in 2010 may have purchased some of her flower barrettes and headbands. You may also have seen the incredible fibre art dress* that won her a Best in Show award. She's basically completely amazing, and I can't recommend her work enough. I want a garden of things made by her hands.

Also, if you, like me, love knowing about the genesis of poems, you might be interested in checking out CSE Cooney talking about the conception of her first villanelle, or Sonya Taaffe mentioning the inspiration behind her Lyric Fragment.

If any other contributors would like to chime in about their poems' origins, by all means feel free!


*That's Goblin Fruit Assistant Editor Caitlyn A. Paxson modelling that dress. As she does.
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Winter 2012 Issue of Goblin Fruit Reviewed

Erik Amundsen, cucumberseed on LJ, has thoroughly and extraordinarily reviewed the Winter 2012 issue of Goblin Fruit for Versification. Here's a taste of what he has to say:

The Goblins always have a tell, a way of showing you what to expect, both so that you can't tell them you weren't warned when they hit you with what they've got. This time, the tell comes from the art of guest artist Rose Lemberg (of Stone Telling); crones and owls, foxes and wolves, a listening child; for me, it conjured the carpenter weathervane on the porch of my granparents’ house, sawing away in a late winter rainstorm. That tell only got clearer in the note from the editors, full of the cold damp of Cornwall. I was set to let this issue sink into my bones and throb, more raw chill than ice and snow.

It was a feint. The poems that comprise this issue are cutting icy gusts, utterly cold and utterly dry (do not take that word as a synonym for boring). The goblins fooled me, took my breath away... This is the most unrelentingly grim Goblin Fruit I have ever tasted, as if winter came in and the persimmons just got more tannic and harsh.

I love to see a reviewer truly affected by an issue.
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Spring 2012 Issue of Goblin Fruit is Live + Uncanny Twinnings

(x-posted from my blog, apologies if you're seeing it twice)

Oyez! The Spring 2012 issue of Goblin Fruit is live! With poems by Adrienne J. Odasso (ajodasso), J. C. Runolfson (seajules), Ruby Sara, Sheila Hassell Hughes, Kathrin Köhler, Ariel Johnson, Jade Ramsey, Amanda Reck, Alexandra Seidel, Sandi Leibowitz, and Rose Fox (rosefox), as well as art by Paula Friedlander. Behold her handiwork:

This issue also sees us welcoming Caitlyn Paxson, LJ's very own sevenravens and Goblin Fruit's Requester of Dresses, on board as Assistant Editor. Look at her. She just suits us like a sleeve.

Caitlyn's been a huge help already, and it gives me great pleasure to recognize her good work in the slushery all official-like.

In other poemic news, I received my contributor's copy of Mythic Delirium #26 today. This was honestly completely unintentional -- especially the MUG:

What a bright alchemy we work.

I've only quickly flipped through MD#26 so far -- but more of Paula's art (and, okay, something in the title) caught my eye and led me to read art_ungulate's beautiful "Triptych: An Offering of Fruit" right away. It's gorgeous, but I am for the moment going to gloss over its many felicities in favour of noting the truly astonishing: ladies and gentlefolk, Mike "Jaded by Katabasis" Allen has published a second poem featuring Persephone. Surely this, more than anything else, is a sign of the end times being nigh.

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Spring Issue Slightly Delayed

Hello, fantastic fruit-fanciers,

A note to say that the Spring 2012 issue -- which will be our 25th -- is under construction, and will appear in the next week. Travel plans, thesisauri and dissertibeasts are at present contriving to slow our progress, but we shall, as ever, persevere.

Thank you for your patience, and may you navigate this day's luck with lunar grace. Meantime, perhaps a perusal of this triskedekaliad by Marigny Michel from the Fall 2011 might tide you over?
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Winter 2012 Issue of Goblin Fruit is Live!

We have moved beyond beleaguerment of badger-snails. It is here. Behold it.

This issue features work by Lynn Hardaker, Sandi Leibowitz, Lori Lamothe, Shweta Narayan, Wendy Howe, Laura King, Kathrin Köhler, Larry Hammer, Ann K. Schwader, Mari Ness, F. J. Bergmann, Joshua Gage, Kelly Rose Pflug-Back, C. S. E. Cooney, Brock Marie Moore, and Sofia Samatar. I am also completely delighted to see these poems framed in artwork by the incomparable Rose Lemberg, who shows that in addition to being a brilliant poet, editor, and book-maker in her own right, she is also a talented visual artist.

HM givesall

Goblin Fruit Winter Issue Delay Update

Dear readers and contributors,

All joking and badger-snails aside -- we apologise for the unprecedented delay in putting this issue up. In addition to a perfect storm of run of the mill delays, one editor is dealing with serious family emergencies.

Watch this state for further updates, and know that we appreciate your patience more than we can say.

Thank you.
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Slush Update

A pause in the onslaught to announce the following: we have responded to all submissions and queries from 2011. If you submitted something to us in the last few months and received no response, please re-submit, as the aether must have sated itself upon it.


Amal and Jess